Genuine Lake districts hospitality

For Groups

Here you can find our package tours for groups. The packages include guided programme, meals and entrance fees.

We also reserve the group’s required means of transport as well as any food and coffee refreshments included to the packages. In addition to our packaged tours we also tailor trips to specific requests.  One phone call and you can build your perfect experience from all these opportunities and much more besides.

Contact us, tell us your wish and let us make it happen!

Archipelago life by Lake Saimaa

from 125 €/person

Come to the Puumala archipelago to enjoy a stress-free summer’s day on Lake Saimaa. History, cultural experiences, inland cruises, delicious local food, tales of the archipelago… a feast for the senses.

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Forest Wellbeing Tour
from 120  €/group

Guided trekking tour on the Metso Wellbeing Trail (1.5 km), in Niinisaari’s grove, introduces you to the diversity of the forest and gives you a little taste of how forest can affect wellbeing. The local guide will familiarize you with both the history of the region and the positive health effects of the forest.

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Baking pies with Paula
from 300 €/group

Hostess of Okkola Farm, Paula, guides you to the secrets of baking Finnish berry pies or traditional salty karelian pies in her own kitchen.

Alongside baking pies you will get acquainted with genuine Finnish country house. As well with Paula you will get familiar with rural entrepreneurship, local flavours and authentic Savo region’s hospitality.

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okkolan piha

Day trip to the Puumala archipelago

from 48 €/person

Spend the day touring the Puumala archipelago: History, cultural experiences, inland cruises, delicious local food, tales of the archipelago

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Catering Service to the Villas

You can order from Niinipuu’s kitchen ready meals or delicacies delivered to your Villa. Orders must be submitted 1 week prior to the start of your holiday.
Tip: Our specialties are plank-roasted salmon and rye blueberry pie.

Reservations: Paula, tel.+358 500 259378 or

10  €/person

Homemade bread,
cucumber, tomato,
cheese, cold cuts,
porridge bags, yogurt,
fresh juice, coffee/tee

Salmon soup on a plate


15 €/person

2 salads
homemade bread

and according to your choice:

soup or
potato cassarole with ham or
vegetable option


20  €/person

2 sort of salads
2 sort of homemade bread
Meat Casserole and creamy potatoes

We recommend

Plank-roasted salmon 

(file) 30 €/kg

Slow-roasting makes a beautifully tender, evenly cooked, not-one-bit-dry piece of salmon. Orders day before delivery.

Rye-blueberry pie

29 €

Taste local delicacy: rye-blueberry pie.

Berry gateau

from 38  € (for 10 persons)

A rich cake, typically one containing layers of cream and berries or jam. Filling according to your own taste. In summertime strawberry cake is very popular.