Welcome to Okkola!

At the Okkola holiday cottages on Niinisaari island in Puumala, you can spend a holiday surrounded by the ruggedly beautiful nature of Lake Saimaa and the peace of the wilderness – with the convenience of city life nearby. 17 rental cottages and villas offer everything you need to enjoy the perfect holiday.


1 – 6 ppl | 152 €

Aapola is a two-storey planed log villa for six persons, with electricity and running water. There is one bedroom with two beds downstairs. Upstairs, there are separate sleeping nooks. A loft creates a sense of spaciousness and can be used e.g. as a children’s play area. The dining table is in front of a bay window with plenty of natural light and a direct view of Lake Saimaa.


1-6 ppl | 162 €

The cosy Lahtela cottage is a one-storey log villa for six persons. The three-bedroom villa has all of the basic amenities, fireplace, pier and wood-heated sauna. The cottage has a floor area of 101 square metres.


1 – 6 ppl | 160 €

This single-storey villa has all the conveniences: two saunas, a dishwasher, a washing machine, and peaceful nature. Three separate bedrooms accommodate a maximum of six persons comfortably.


1 – 6 ppl | 200 €

This modern villa offers a sweeping view to the south. Paulala is located on a gentle slope. The yard includes a separate fire pit. The villa has a private beach and a special dock built next to large rocks, at the end of which is a perfect spot to enjoy the peace and quiet of Lake Saimaa.


1 – 6 ppl | 160 €

If you are looking for a modern-style villa and effortless holidays, Syrjälä is an ideal choice for you. The living area is separated from the rest of the floor with a couple of steps. Through the large living room windows, you can enjoy the lake scenery from inside the villa. On colder winter days, the soapstone fireplace in the living room is a real eye-catcher.


1 – 6 ppl | 160 €

Tupula combines old cottage style with modern villa style. The living room and upstairs bedrooms are made from old logs, while modern conveniences were added to the villa smoothly via an extension wing. In addition to the comfortable indoor sauna, there is an atmospheric, old outdoor sauna on the shoreside. Both saunas are traditional, wood-heated saunas.


Karelian pie workshop

In Okkola’s karelian pie workshop you´ll discover the old art of making tasty karelian pies!

Welcome to the wellness-path

The purpose of the Metso well-being trail is to introduce you to the diversity of the forest and give you a taste of how the forest can boost your well-being.

Norpparetket lähtevät toukokuussa Okkolasta


The archipelago offers experiences, well-being and vitality

Restaurant Niinipuu

Savustettu lohifilee lankun päällä

Local Finnish food in the old barn

We are located in the middle of Saimaa

Puumala is located in the middle of Lake Saimaa, along a deep waterway. The municipality’s guest harbour is located in Puumalansalmi. Okkola has its own guest boat pier (and the Liehtalanniemi Museum pier also serves overnight boaters).

Distances from us

Imatra 60 km (approx. 1 hour with a car)
Mikkeli 70 km (approx. 1 hour, 15 minutes with a car)
Savonlinna 80 km (approx. 1 hour, 30 minutes with a car)
Lappeenranta 100 km (approx. 1 hour, 30 minutes with a car)
Helsinki 300 km (approx. 3 hours, 30 minutes with a car)

Ilmakuva saimaan saaristosta Niinisaaresta

For us, responsibility is a renewing way of interacting with the environment

Henkilö pitelee mustikoita avoimessa kädessä

We are a family business in the Finnish archipelago

Welcome to Lake Saimaa! Puumala Niinisaare! I rent cottages and offer restaurant services here in Puumala, in an island called “Niinisaari” in finnish. I have over 35 years of experience running this business. In my free time I like to play with my two dogs, bake and pick mushrooms and berries from our forests. We have the perfect setting for all this here. Did you know that Puumala has more coastline than the whole of France? I welcome you to visit our beautiful island. I can promise that there’s room for you here to relax, connect with nature and contemplate.

– Entrepreneur Paula Okkola