Surpassing expectations

Seventeen ways to live like a lord – or in a more traditional cottage style. All of our cottages are on the shore of Lake Saimaa. The cottages and villas are individually designed for the sites where they are built.


Thanks to the rugged, undulating shoreline, each holiday home genuinely has its own slice of peace and quiet. Every cottage has its own sauna or two, a pier, a rowing boat and as much peace and quiet as you could need.


You can book accommodation for as long as you would like to stay – we do not require week-long bookings. Many customers enjoy staying with us for several weeks at a time in the summer, one year after another. You can use your cottage from 3pm on the day you arrive until midday on the day you depart.


All of our cottages are connected to the electricity, each has its own peace and quiet and its own beach, and you will also be able have the use of a wood-burning sauna and a rowing boat. You will always find all the necessary pots, pans and tableware in the kitchen, along with a coffee machine, a microwave oven and a stove. You can use your own bedlinen or rent it from Okkola. Every cottage also has a television.

All pets are welcome
without extra charge!

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Our cottages are classed either as villas or traditional cottages. The traditional cottages have an outdoor toilet and water must be fetched. For additional information, please see our pricelist, list of cottage facilities & cottage map!


1 – 6 ppl | 152 €

Aapola is a two-storey planed log villa for six persons, with electricity and running water. There is one bedroom with two beds downstairs. Upstairs, there are separate sleeping nooks. A loft creates a sense of spaciousness and can be used e.g. as a children’s play area. The dining table is in front of a bay window with plenty of natural light and a direct view of Lake Saimaa.


1-6 ppl | 152 €

Hessula is a two-storey planed log villa for six persons, located in a peaceful cape on its own. In Hessula, you can enjoy both the sunsets and sunrises. The views are towards a deep-water channel and the Liehtalanniemi Museum Estate. Electricity and running water allow you to take it easy on your holiday.


1-6 ppl | 168 €

If you are looking for genuinely unique villa accommodation, Kalliola is the ideal choice for you. Kalliola’s name refers to a rock, and the villa is located on a high rock. The villa includes all basic conveniences but also two saunas, a dishwasher, and a washing machine.


1 – 4 ppl | 152 €

Located on a high clifftop, Kotkala enables you to enjoy a ruggedly beautiful landscape. The villa was built in 1988, but in 2001 it was fitted with running water. Facilities for an indoor toilet, shower and sauna were also built right next to the villa, only a few outdoor steps away.


1-6 ppl | 162 €

The cosy Lahtela cottage is a one-storey log villa for six persons. The three-bedroom villa has all of the basic amenities, fireplace, pier and wood-heated sauna. The cottage has a floor area of 101 square metres.


1-6 ppl | 152 €

Luotola is an 80-square-metre planed log villa on the shore of Lake Saimaa. There are electricity and running water in the villa.


1 – 6 ppl | 160 €

This two-storey villa includes all conveniences: in addition to the basic amenities, it has two saunas, one in the villa and another on the beach, a dishwasher, a washing machine, and peaceful natural surroundings.


1 – 6 ppl | 160 €

Located on a cape, this 99-square-metre villa accommodates six persons comfortably. The villa includes three separate bedrooms for two, one of them downstairs. The downstairs area of the villa is accessible for persons with reduced mobility. In addition to an indoor sauna, Niemelä also includes an atmospheric outdoor sauna.


1 – 6 ppl | 200 €

This modern villa offers a sweeping view to the south. Paulala is located on a gentle slope. The yard includes a separate fire pit. The villa has a private beach and a special dock built next to large rocks, at the end of which is a perfect spot to enjoy the peace and quiet of Lake Saimaa.


1 – 6 ppl | 160 €

Rantala is a villa with all modern conveniences. The yard area is even and flat, which makes the villa suitable for families with small children.


1 – 6 ppl | 160 €

This single-storey villa has all the conveniences: two saunas, a dishwasher, a washing machine, and peaceful nature. Three separate bedrooms accommodate a maximum of six persons comfortably.


1 – 6 ppl | 160 €

If you are looking for a modern-style villa and effortless holidays, Syrjälä is an ideal choice for you. The living area is separated from the rest of the floor with a couple of steps. Through the large living room windows, you can enjoy the lake scenery from inside the villa. On colder winter days, the soapstone fireplace in the living room is a real eye-catcher.


1 – 6 ppl | 160 €

Tupula combines old cottage style with modern villa style. The living room and upstairs bedrooms are made from old logs, while modern conveniences were added to the villa smoothly via an extension wing. In addition to the comfortable indoor sauna, there is an atmospheric, old outdoor sauna on the shoreside. Both saunas are traditional, wood-heated saunas.



1 – 4 ppl | 104 €

Riihelä is a log cottage restored from an old drying barn. It has 49 square metres of floor space.


1 – 4 ppl | 104 €

Sivula is an old log farmhouse which was converted into a cottage in 1981.


1 – 4 ppl | 104 €

Located on a small cliff, this cottage gets plenty of natural light and accommodates four persons.


1 – 4 ppl | 104 €

This cottage offers a sweeping view towards a deep-water channel and the Liehtala Museum Estate. In Tiirala, you can enjoy the traditional cottage life with a fireplace, carried water, and an outhouse.

All pets are welcome without extra charge!