For Groups

Here you can find some example activities for groups in Niinisaari and Puumala. Let’s be in touch and plan the perfect program tailored for your group!


Forest Wellbeing Tour

from 120 €/group
max. 20 persons

Guided trekking tour on the Metso Wellbeing Trail (1.5 km), in Niinisaari’s grove, introduces you to the diversity of the forest and gives you a little taste of how forest can affect wellbeing. The local guide will familiarize you with both the history of the region and the positive health effects of the forest. Duration approx 45 minutes.

Baking pies with Paula

from 300 €/group
max. 12 persons

Hostess of Okkola Farm, Paula, guides you to the secrets of baking Finnish berry pies or traditional salty karelian pies in her own kitchen.

Alongside baking pies you will get acquainted with genuine Finnish country house. As well with Paula you will get familiar with rural entrepreneurship, local flavours and authentic Savo region’s hospitality. Incl. light lunch. Duration approx 2.5 hours.

Visit to Lasiruusu glassmithy

Gaj Tereschatoff, a member of one of the oldest glassblowing families in Finland, runs the Lasiruusu studio in the village centre of Puumala. You can watch the glassmith skilfully create a Ringed Seal, a Black-Throated Loon or a vase. The spacious shop also offers a great view of Saimaa and the Puumala marina.

Visit to Mirri’s and Minttu’s garden

5-50 pax.
50 €/group

The gardener tells about summer flowers and herbs. Duration approx 30 minutes.

Visit to Liehtalanniemi museum farm

3 €/ person (min 10 pax)

The Liehtalanniemi Museum Estate and nature reserve, tucked in a sheltered cove on Niinisaari, will take you back in time. See what life was like in the archipelago in the beginning of the 20th century and hear the story of Jalmari Reponen, the last owner of the estate.

Work demonstration in the smithy

from 200 € / demonstration
max. 20 persons

In this work demonstration the guests have an opportunity to see the blacksmith demonstrating some live forging, the traditional work of village blacksmith, and hear more of Finnish way of life and countryside family business. The work demonstration’s topic will be agreed according to the wishes of the group.