Quest’s info package

Upon arrival your cottage is at your disposal by 15.00 on the day of your arrival.

Keys and driving directions to the cottage are available at our reception desk at Ylössaarentie 35, Puumala.

Please contact us if you are arriving later than 20.00.

You will arrive at Niinisaari via the Hätinvirta ferry.

The ferry is free of charge, runs 24/7, and does not have to be booked in advance. Enjoy the ambiance!

Holiday tips

Activities, walking routes and programmes are available here.

Firewood is included in the rent. Each cottage is equipped with an outdoor fireplace and at least one wood-fired sauna. The area is choc-a-block with invaluable, diverse nature and geology. Please build a fire only in designated places and comply with all safety regulations.

Fireplace dampers
When you light a fire in your fireplace, please open the fireplace damper on the chimney to enable the smoke to flow outside. Our saunas are not equipped with dampers. The damper is to be opened only when you light a fire in the fireplace.

Drinking water
The water is drinkable in all of our cottages equipped with tap water. Drinking water is delivered in canisters to the Tiirala, Taijala, Riihelä and Sivula cottages. Drinking water can be replenished from the well located in the cottage area.

Row boat
Each cottage is equipped with a row boat for 4 persons. Life jackets can be borrowed free of charge at the reception desk.

High chair
In addition to life jackets, cribs, high chairs, and potties can be borrowed at the reception desk. Please reserve additional equipment in advance.

Pets are welcome to our cottages. Please keep your pet on a leash whenever visiting the Liehtalanniemi nature reserve (museum estate). Please be considerate of people who are afraid of animals.

Nearest shops
Nearest shops (grocery shop, Alko) are located at the Puumala village, a 9 kilometre distance from our reception desk.

Breakages / shortcomings at the cottage
Please inform us right away if you notice something is missing from your cottage or in case of breakages. Hereby we can rectify problems while you are still on holiday.

What can you find at the cottage?
Each cottage is equipped with cleaning equipment, toilet paper and paper towels, waste bags, dish washing liquid, cooking appliances, and dishware.

What to bring along to the cottage?
We recommend you bring baking paper, foil, and spices along with you. Either bring your own bed linens and towels or we can provide them for 13 €/person.

Fishing is allowed free of charge for persons under 18 and over 86 years. Persons aged 18-64 are required to pay the Fisheries Management Fee. Paying the fee on internet requires very little effort. Ice-fishing and worm fishing are an exception because they are included in everyman’s rights in Finland. You are welcome to dig worms at the worm place near our reception desk. Fishing tackle can be purchased from the Puumala village centre.

You can either clean the cottage yourself before leaving or let us do it for you at a cost of 120 €.

You can bring your own bed linens and towels or reserve them from us at the cost of 13 €/person.

Your cottage is equipped with waste bags, waste sacks and bags for biodegradable waste. Waste can be left at the recycling centre nearby the reception desk. The recycling centre is equipped with containers for the following types of waste: plastic, metal, glass, cardboard, bio, cans, bottles, and mixed waste.

WiFi and mobile connections
The cottages are not equipped with WiF.  4G modems are available at our reception desk for a cost of 5 €/day. Generally Niinisaari is equipped with a good mobile network, but especially during the summer holiday season one must be prepared for slower connections.

Number of persons
Overnight guests at the cottages must not, even temporarily, exceed the maximum number of persons stated when booking. This applies to tents, caravans, and other forms of accommodation in the cottage surroundings.

Peace and privacy
Please do not enter other cottage yards or go too near other cottages unless invited. This includes cottages that “appear uninhabited”. We want to guarantee everyone privacy during their cottage holiday. Please respect the rights of other guests and locals to enjoy peace and quiet, privacy and relaxation. Please remember that sounds carry exceptionally far along the water. Pay special attention to caring for the surrounding nature.

Hot tubs
Hot tubs and such are onlly allowed when separately agreed upon. If permission is given, the tub must be filled with lake water. The wells and pumps serving the cottages are not designed to deliver large volumes of water required in hot tubs.

Checking out

Check out time from the cottage is at 12.00.

Instructions for cleaning the cottage are given under.

The cottage is to be left in the same condition as when checking in. Waste can be taken to the Okkola recycling centre.

Take your keys to the reception desk

  • or leave them on the hook on the door to the reception desk. Hereby we will know the cottage is vacant.

Thank you for visiting us!

Cleaning instructions

If you have paid for the final cleaning, please put your dishes in the dishwasher and turn it on. Bring your waste to the recycling centre by the reception desk.

Required cleaning equipment is available at the cottage. If you want to clean yourself, please follow these instructions:

  • Wipe visible surfaces using a damp cloth.
  • Shake the rugs outside.
  • Vacuum.
  • Wipe the floors using a damp mop.
  • Empty ashes into the metal ash container (located either in the outhouse or on the terrace of the cottage/sauna).
  • Bring your waste to the Okkola recycling centre.
  • Wash the dishes.