Booking terms

  • When booking directly on the website the entire rental sum is payable immediately. When booking via e-mail/messaging we will send a link to pay the rental sum. Booking is confirmed upon receipt of payment via the payment link. If our customer cancels their holiday 30 days prior to the booking, 50% of the payment will be reimbursed.
  • When booking via online travel agencies (e.g. agency terms apply.
  • The holiday cannot be cancelled only in part. Cancellation in part will be considered as a total cancellation and the remaining booking will be considered a new booking.
  • Cancellations and reservations must be made in writing at all times.
  • By booking a cottage you agree to conform with these terms of booking and general terms.


If you have paid for final cleaning (120 €), before leaving, please put used dishes in the dishwasher and turn it on. Bring your waste with you to the recycling centre by the reception desk. If you are taking care of the final cleaning yourself, please do all the tasks on the list. Required cleaning equipment can be found at the cottage.

  • Wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth.
  • Shake the rugs outside.
  • Vacuum.
  • Give the floors a wipe using a damp mop.
  • Empty ashes into the metal ash container (found either in the outhouse or on the terrace of the cottage/sauna)
  • Bring your waste to the Okkola recycling centre
  • Wash the dishes